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PET Recycling

What is PET Recycling in 2- PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, sometimes known as PETE. It was in England of 1941 that PET was first created and patented. PET plastic does not contain BPA. It is non toxic and great for food storage, hence why it is used for food packaging. We accept all types of PET for recycling in 2. When you recycle PET in 2, it prevents pollution and reduces mining raw materials. PET is found in containers for Soft drinks, water bottles, juices, and beer.

Which Plastic is PET- It can be difficult to discover which plastic is which. Luckily there is a system that is easy to decipher types of plastics. Every piece of plastic contains a triangle of arrows, or a recycling sign. Inside the symbol there is a number and beneath the sign is the type of plastic that makes up the item. All PET plastics will have a number one in the recycling symbol and PET written underneath. We accept all types of PET recycling in 2.

Recycling PET- When you recycle PET plastic in 2, what is it reused for? Well aside from the obvious that you can make it back into plastic bottles, PET can be recycled into industrial strapping or fiber for carpets. It is used for fiberfill in things like dog beds, sleeping bags, and winter coats. Other uses include making fabric for t-shirts or fleece material such as jackets. PET can be made into auto parts such as bumpers and door panels. PET Recycling in 2 provides new items for everyone. Please contact us if you need PET recycling.