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Polycarbonate Recycling

What is PC- PC or polycarbonate is easy to work with it. It molds and can be thermoformed allowing many different applications of this type of plastic. Applications include, sound walls, bullet proof glass, plastic welding, and automotive headlamp lenses. PC has been used to make canopies on airplanes, lenses on sunglasses or eyeglasses, swimming goggles, and any other eye glasses made of plastic. Even a few smartphones are made with polycarbonate. And of course CD's and DVD's are made from PC. We accept all types of PC for recycling in 2.

PC Recycling in 2- The recycling code or resin code of polycarbonate is 7, in other words it is difficult to recycle but they are still accepting PC for recycling in 2. In order to recycle PC, a chemical method is used. It breaks down the polycarbonate into BPA and DPC monomers. They are cleaned and the two monomers are formed again to make a polymer. After it is recycled, PC is used to make many of its forms from its virgin state. Please contact us if you need PC recycling.

Polycarbonate and BPA- Whether water bottles are bought in 2 or in L. A., it is important to purchase the right type of plastic. Studies have shown that polycarbonate (PC) can release leach a toxin, called bisphenol A (BPA), when it is heated and contains water. It has been named the culprit of enlarging the reproductive organs of female mice. It is for this reason that water bottles sold in 2 will specifically advertise that it is BPA free. When you recycle PC in 2, it prevents pollution and reduces mining raw materials.