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Polyester Recycling

Polyester Recycling in 2- The United State Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 85% of all textile waste is sent to landfills, which equals about 68lbs per person each year. Polyester is a petroleum-based fiber, which means that it requires crude oil to make this fiber. When you recycle polyester in 2, it prevents pollution and reduces mining raw materials. Polyester production requires copious amounts of energy and natural resources that could be saved.

Can Polyester Be Recycled?- It is true that plastics such as polyester can only be recycled so many times before it breaks down until its range of usefulness is small. There are plenty of recyclers in 2 willing to accept polyester for recycling. Despite its short term life in recycling, polyester still can be recycled and its worth a try to send it in for recycling. Whether that recycling is reselling a polyester jacket or chemically and mechanically recycling polyester into new items. Please contact us if you need polyester recycling.

What Products Can Polyester Be Recycled Into?- Specifically after the downgrade of the polyester where it cannot be recycled too many times, there are still many options for it to be recycled into. For example, it could be made into carpet, roadside curbs, waste receptacles, plastic lumber, and truck cargo liners. As for the condition of the polyester, it could be resold as is, or even made into rags, soles for shoes, tires and other types of plastic. We accept all types of polyester for recycling in 2.