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Polypropylene Recycling

PP Recycling in 2- Polypropylene, also known as PP, is a linear hydrocarbon polymer. Or called a thermoplastic polymer. It is resistant to chemical solvents, bases and acids. It can be used for both plastics and fibers. In the year 1954 in Spain a Professor Giulio Nattain produced the first polypropylene. Commercial production of polypropylene began in 1957. Thanks to Giulio Nattain, there is polyethylene to be used within homes and work places. Although it seems abundant, it is best to recycle all plastics. Please contact us if you need PP recycling.

Finding PP in 2- PP is a well used plastic within your own home. DVD and CD cases are made from polypropylene. Collapsible or stackable crates seen in marketplaces or at automotive supply chain stores. It is used in packaging for laundry detergents, yogurt cups, and many condiments. Even your ski boots are made of polypropylene. When you recycle PP in 2, it prevents pollution and reduces mining raw materials. Instead of throwing away food storage containers, recycle them instead.

Facts about PP- They resin identification code, or recycling symbol for PP has the number five in the triangle of arrows. It is preferred over polyethylene because it is stronger, stiffer and higher temperature capability, but at the same time it is the lightest of all plastics. There are five types of polypropylene: random copolymers, homo-polymers, impact or block copolymers, specialty copolymers and a rubber modified blends. We accept all types of PP in 2 for recycling.