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PVC Recycling

PVC Recycling in 2- Did you know that 910,00 tons of PVC waste is annually generated, but less that .5% of it is sent in for recycling. PVC Recycling awareness needs to grow in 2 and across the country. PVC can be recycled and when you recycle PVC in 2, it prevents pollution and reduces mining raw materials. Environmental concerns connected to PVC includes the chemical additives and heavy metal content which pollute when either incinerated or buried in a landfill. We accept all types of PVC for recycling in 2.

Mechanical PVC Recycling- In 2, there are mechanical recyclers that will accept PVC for recycling. Here is how it works. They grind the PVC down until it is a fine powder. From there the powder is then made into new products. Mechanical recycling has its good side and bad side. It's bad side is that since it is completely ground up, toxins cannot be removed from the PVC. The good side is that this type of recycling makes the products stronger than other plastics when they are recycled, which down grades their strength. Please contact us if you need PVC recycling or mechanical recycling.

Chemical PVC Recycling- Unlike mechanical recycling, chemical recycling is much more efficient at extracting the toxins out of the PVC. Of course, chemical recycling costs much more than mechanical recycling of PVC. In 2, both types of PVC recycling is available. With chemical recycling, it reduces the PVC plastic to its molecular level and from there the toxins can be removed. Next the PVC can be remade into a non-toxic plastic. Chemical recycling is the best way to remove the most toxic types of PVC.