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Rubber Recycling

Rubber Recycling in 2- Rubber or tire recycling is critical to keeping landfills contained. Tires are not welcomed at landfills because they cause what is called the bubble effect. They trap methane gases making the tires buoyant and rise to the surface. This damages landfill liners which trap pollutants from leaking into the ground water and surrounding surface. When you recycle rubber in 2, it prevents pollution and reduces mining raw materials and keeps them out of the landfill.

Rubber Recycling or Pyrolysis- The method for recycling rubber or tires is called pyrolysis. It is a technique that heats the tires in a reactor vessel without oxygen. The rubber is softened and breaks down into a vapor. From there, the vapor can be made into an oily type of liquid or a powder that can be used for fuel. Pyrolysis is a clean way to recycle rubber with little emissions or waste. We accept all types of rubber for recycling in 2.

Rubber Recycling Products- Rubber recyclers can produce an array of products from used tires. One such way is to shred the tires. From there they can be used in civil engineering applications such as back fill for roadways landslide repair projects, retaining walls, and vibration damping for railway lines. It can be used as filler for playgrounds in replacement of sand or wood chips. It can be remade into livestock mats, flooring materials, dock bumpers, moveable speed bumps. Upcycling projects are using old bike tires and converting them into durable messenger bags and other types of wallets, purses, and belts. Old rubber can be recycled so please contact us if you need rubber recycling in 2.