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HDPE Recycling

HDPE Recycling in Denver- HDPE is known as a High Density Polyethylene. You can find in containers such as bleach, ammonia, or other cleaning products. It is also used for personal care products for personal care. HDPE is known for it's strength to density ratio which makes it the preferred plastic for specific jobs. When you recycle HDPE in Denver, it prevents pollution and reduces mining raw materials. Recycling does not require the production of more HDPE, but can change it into plastic bags, plastic lumber, bottles and bins.

Distinguishing HDPE- There is a coding system for all plastics so that Denver HDPE recyclers can distinguish it from other plastics. The code is called a recycling code and is easy to understand. It is a single digit number set in the middles of three arrows that make a triangle. The symbol is formerly called a recycling symbol but is commonly known as a resin code. For HDPE the number is 2 inside the recycling symbol and HDPE is written underneath. We accept all types of HDPE for recycling in Denver.

Where do you find HDPE- Since HDPE is very resistant against many types of solvents, it is used frequently. Look anywhere throughout Denver, it is easy to find HDPE around you. HDPE is used for hard hats, electrical or plumbing boxes. In simple things such as water pipes, storage sheds, folding chairs and tables. Fuel tanks for vehicles and snowboard rails or boxes also are made out of HDPE. Corrosion protection for steel pipes, telecom ducts, coax cable inner insulator and swimming pool installation all used HDPE. Other places HDPE hides is in children hula hoops, root barriers, food storage containers and fireworks. Please contact us if you need HDPE recycling in Denver.