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LDPE Recycling

LDPE Recycling in Denver- LDPE is a low density polyethylene. It's properties consist of being translucent, weatherproof, low cost, semi-rigid and very tough. LDPE is safe, non-leaching type of plastic. Its microwave-proof and dishwasher safe. When you recycle LDPE in Denver, it prevents pollution and reduces mining raw materials. When recycling in Denver, look for the resin identification code that lets you know what type of plastic it is. It will say LDPE beneath the triangle of arrows. Inside the symbol it will have the number four.

Daily Applications of LDPE- LDPE is the type of plastic that six pack rings are made from, the strong but pliable type of plastic. Other soft plastics such as snap-on lids, plastic wrap and trays. It be molded into various laboratory equipment, such as tubes. The playground slides are also made of LDPE. It needs the extra flexibility to withstand different weights of children to adults who slide down. We accept all types of LDPE for recycling in Denver.

Preparing LDPE for Recycling- When recycling LPDE in Denver, make sure that you remove all labels from the plastic, when it is plausible. If it contained food or contaminates, wash out the plastic off before recycling that way it won't attract bugs or rodents. Not all recycling center accept LPDE number four, so before you dump it into any recycling bin, ask the recycling center first if they accept it. If LPDE number four is mixed in with other types of plastic, it can contaminate the other types of plastic. Please contact us when you need and LDPE recycling.