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Plastic Extrusion

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Plastic Extrusion in Denver

Today's plastic extrusions are based off of a rubber “masticator” made by Thomas Hancock back in 1820. It also processed rubber scraps. Later in 1839 Edwin Chaffe came out with the next model which had a two roller machine that mixed the additives into rubber. It was in Hamburg, Germany in 1935 that Paul and Ashley Troester created the first thermoplastic extrusion. Roberto Colombo jumped on the band wagon shortly after Paul Troester discovery and added the first twin screw extruders in Italy. We accept all types of plastic extrusion for recycling in Denver.

Products of Plastic Extrusion

Denver's plastic extrusions provide customers with all sorts of plastic items. Hollow pipes and tubing are the most common forms of plastic extrusions, for example, medical tubes, fuel in small gasoline engines, large sewer pipes, and drinking straws. Other uses include sheeting and film for window glazing and retail packaging. Solid shapes include outdoor furniture, plastic decking, and fencing. Plastic extrusion can create car window wipers, plastic rain gutters, squeegee blades, vinyl siding and insulation for wiring.

Process of Plastic Extrusion Recycling

First plastic pellets are dropped into a hopper which feeds them into a moving screw and heated barrel. As the screw turns, it forced the pellets forward at the same time the heat melts the plastic into a liquid form. At last it comes to the feed pipe, and through the die creating a new plastic. The process is akin to injection molding. Please contact us if you need plastic extrusion recycling. Please contact us if you need plastic extrusion recycling in Denver.

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