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Plastic Recycling

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Plastic Recycling in Denver

Plastic comes in many shapes and sizes. In its natural form it is made into chewing gum and shellac. But today it is used in all sorts of items. Cars, laptops, homes, shoes, electrical appliances, decks and patio furniture. all contain some type of plastic. From silicone to polycarbonate, plastic is all around you. And all of that plastic can be recycled. We accept all types of plastic for recycling in Denver.

Popularity of Plastic

As plastic has evolved, it has pushed more traditional materials out of the way. Things once made of leather, stone, paper, glass, ceramics, and even wood are replaced today with plastic. It is because of low cost production that plastic can be seen anywhere in Denver, but the reverse side is that it is more often discarded than recycled. For example only 9% of plastic bags, wraps and sacks were recycled in the year 2009, leaving 3,470 tons to be discarded. Please contact us if you need plastic recycling in Denver.

Why Recycle Plastic in Denver

There is benefit for humans and animals to recycle plastic. Plastic, if not properly disposed of or recycled, can cause hazards for every living thing. To make plastics durable chemicals have been added to the mix. It is the chemicals that pose a toxic threat to humans. Just as BPA has proven to cause injury to humans, other types of chemicals can leach into the water table and poison humans slowly. When you recycle plastics in Denver, it prevents pollution and reduces mining natural materials. Recycling makes a difference.

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