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Plastic Scrap

Plastic Scrap in Denver- Across the country, 2.12 million tons of plastic were recycled in 2009, but that was only 7.1% of all the the generated plastics that year. Why is it important to have plastic scrap recycling? When you recycle plastic scraps in Denver, it prevents pollution and reduces mining raw materials. Most plastics are crude oil based which means that more crude oil is required to make another water bottle. Recycling plastic scraps does not require new plastic to make more plastic.

What is Plastic Scrap- Denver recyclers accept all types of plastic scraps, but what does that mean exactly? Plastics scraps includes all types of plastics. There is not just one type of plastic that buyers are interested in purchasing. Plastic scraps is commonly retrieved from commercial, industrial and even residential uses. Think of it as normal everyday waste. It can be things such as packaging materials, toys, and the scraps can be any shape or size. Please contact us if you need plastic scrap recycling.

Why is Plastic Scraps So Important- Plastic scraps may just seem like scraps or garbage, but in reality those scraps can be used to make new items. It is as simple as collecting enough scraps that they are melted down into patio furniture that can be sold at the store. Plastic scraps are worth something in Denver, because of its ability to become something new. We accept all types of plastic scrap for recycling in Denver.