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Polystyrene Recycling

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Polystyrene Recycling in Denver

Most Denver recyclers do not accept curbside collection for polystyrene. The problem with polystyrene is that it is not cost effective to recycle and therefore less recyclers are interested in collecting it. In order to recycle polystyrene it is necessary to compact the substance. Despite the economical problems, there are recyclers who are still willing to recycle polystyrene. Please contact us if you need polystyrene recycling.

Facts About Polystyrene

The resin identification code or recycling symbol for polystyrene is number six inside the triangle arrows and beneath the symbol is the initials PS. Sometimes polystyrene is used as a power source for steam because it released high heat when it is burned. Also, when it is incinerated, polystyrene its final volume is only 1% of its original volume, as most of it is converted to water vapor and carbon dioxide. When you recycle polystyrene in Denver, it prevents pollution and reduces mining raw materials.

Polystyrene Scraps

What is polystyrene? The CD jewel cases, license plate frames, smoke detector housings, petri dishes and tubes are all made out of polystyrene. The foam version of polystyrene can be used for insulation as well, for example insulating concrete forms, ornamental pillars, and packaging. A more compact version of polystyrene can be found in items such as disposable razors, plates, bowls, trays and take home food boxes, or “clam shell” containers. Polystyrene is used to make packing peanuts. We accept all types of Polystyrene for recycling in Denver.

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